Frequently asked questions

What is Shell NGN?

Shell NGN is a cloud-based service allows you to connect to terminal servers via SSH and transfer files with SFTP.

Can I use Shell NGN to connect my organization server?

It depends. If your organization server is accessible from the internet, you will be able to access it with Shell NGN. If your organization server is in a private network, you will have to setup a tunnel server which is accessible from the internet and use Shell NGN to connect through the tunnel.

Can I use putty private key?

Absolutely, we support all OpenSSH private key formats

Is Shell NGN reliable, secure and confidential ?
Is our data safe?

Shell NGN's security standards are actually very high. We encrypt your credentials with a unique private key which is never stored in our databases. Strong measures protect customer data from unauthorized access. We are committed to following applicable laws that protect your privacy. We systematically use a secure protocol for data transfers. Our team is also constantly checking for any possible security flaws and our servers’ integrity is closely monitored. However, nobody can consider being completely safe from hackers. To be clear, nothing is 100% secure and anyone who guarantees 100% security is making a promise they cannot even keep. The worst case scenario must always be considered. What we can promise is that we take all reasonable precautions to keep your data safe. Therefore, if a security breach occurs, Shell NGN commits to notify you immediately. Shell NGN will also take all the necessary measures to end the intrusion.

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