Features Overview

We believe that connecting and managing your servers should be easy, that's why we developed these great features.

Your Devices Anywhere

No need to download or install any software. Just open your favorite browser and connect to your devices on any desktop computer.

SSH From Your Browser

Opening a terminal session to your server is a click away. We support all commonly used terminal emulations.

SFTP From You Browser

Upload and download files securely from your SFTP server with an easy file management.

Device Management

Organize your devices into folders. Drag and drop devices to quickly move them into folders.

Manage Identites

Identities allows you to use the same credentials on multiple devices instead of updating every device when you change your password.

Always Up-To-Date

We keep adding new features on a weekly basis. You never have to upgrade or reinstall anything, you'll have it in your browser.

Powerful security features

Security is our top priority at Shell NGN. At every step, we’ve designed Shell NGN to protect your sensitive data.

Always secure.

Shell NGN uses the strongest encryption available to protect your passwords and private key files
(256-bit AES).

Always private.

Your login password is your private key to unlocking Shell NGN. No one knows it but you, not even Shell NGN, and it’s not stored anywhere on your computer or our servers.

End-point encryption.

Encryption happens exclusively at the device level before syncing to Shell NGN for safe storage, so only users can decrypt their data.
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Shell NGN

Easy to use

SHELLNGN is a professional ssh client and terminal emulator. With its modern user interface, it has many ways of making your life easier.

  • Tab sessions
    Manage multiple sessions from one window with a tabbed interface
  • Never repeat yourself
    Access multiple sets of saved credentials for easy log-in to different devices
  • Love the experience
    Get started quickly with ShellNGN's intuitive interface, and choose from ten unique color themes.

Manage Your Devices... Anywhere

You no longer need to remember addresses, login details and credentials.
We save your credentials encrypted and only you can decrypt it.

  • Organize your equipment with an easy drag & drop.
  • Create groups of your equipment
  • Set an icon for each device
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SSH Device Manager
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Our Pricing is simple

We know you'll love Shell NGN, but if you're not happy within 30 days we'll give you a full refund.

FREE 14 Days Trial

No credit card required
1 concurrent SSH sessions
1 SFTP session
Save up to 5 devices
Moderate Bandwidth
Email Support
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10 concurrent SSH sessions
3 concurrent SFTP session
Save up to 30 devices
Moderate Bandwidth
Priority Email Support
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20 concurrent SSH sessions
10 concurrent SFTP session
Save unlimited devices
High Bandwidth
Priority Email Support
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