Online SSH Client for Secure Remote Access

  • Tabbed sessions
    Manage multiple sessions from a single window with a tabbed interface
  • Connect with a single click
    You no longer need to remember IP addresses, login details and credentials.
  • Automate commands
    Automate your SSH sessions with customized snippets.
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Full Featured SFTP Client

  • File Browser
    Browse your server files and folders and manage them easily.
  • Upload and Download Files
    Transfer files and folders at full speed with an easy drag & drop.
  • File editor
    Embedded code editor with syntax highlighting. Edit your HTML/CSS/JS files without leaving
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Remote Desktop From Your Browser

Take control of your remote servers using RDP (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server) or VNC.

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The Same Experience on Mobile as on Desktop

Full keyboard, command snippets, sftp browser and file editor. All these awesome features are available on mobile.

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Shellngn Cloud Features

We believe that connecting and managing your servers and network devices should be easy.
That's why we developed these great features.

Remote Desktop
Access your desktop with RDP and VNC.
Shellngn supports 32-bit color depth, redirecting sound, clipboard support, and more.
SSH and Telnet
Powerful terminal emulator with a password and private key authentication, full-colored, auto-completion, snippets, and more.
Secured File Transfer
Graphical SFTP browser with high-speed upload and downloads, advanced file editor with syntax highlighting, automated zip creation, and more.
Device Manager
Save and organize your servers into folders. Assign icons, add notes, and configure their settings. Connect to your servers with a single click.
Identities Manager
Instead of updating every connection when you change your password - just update the identity and any connections linked to it will use the new password/key.
Always up to date
Forget about installing new updates.
We keep adding new features every week. You never have to upgrade or install anything. You will have it in your browser.
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